Together with Blümchen AG at the Intergastra in Stuttgart 0

Posted on 16, March 2016

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At the Intergastra fair in Stuttgart (20.02 – 24.02.2016) our technology demonstrator - based on our unique cold atmospheric plasma “MOPS” technology - proved the extraordinary effectiveness of cold plasma in the destruction of unpleasant odours.

At the booth of our cooperation partner Blümchen AG in Hall 1 E70 visitors were able to test the efficiency of our innovative technology themselves. 
The results were very impressive!


Our MOPS technology for Blümchen AG

Within a small system ammoniated air is pumped through a box. At the top of the box the leakage of ammonia can be sniffed.

Once the plasma source inside the box is turned on, the ammonia molecules are destroyed by the emitted electrons (generated by the plasma source) and thus the smell cannot be noticed any more. 

Advantages of our cold plasma technology:

• Quick and efficient reduction of odours of any kind

• No ozone production, thus no activated carbon filter is required after the plasma treatment

• Compact, flow-through construction

The technology demonstrator presented at the Intergastra is part of a milestone achieved in a cooperation project with the company Blümchen AG. Based on this project - funded by the Central Innovation Programme SME (ZIM) - a kitchen hood with an integrated plasma source for the rapid elimination of kitchen odours is built. As part of this work we developed the innovative plasma technology Magnetic Oriented Plasma System (MOPS) which we already filed as a patent.

Together with Blümchen AG at the Intergastra in Stuttgart/



Together with Blümchen AG at the Intergastra in Stuttgart/