SteriPlas – the innovation in wound treatment

The SteriPlas is a wound management system and uses a patented plasma head which produces cold atmospheric plasma for treating chronic infected and acute wounds. 

In a clinical study with 379 patients and more than 3500 plasma treatments it was shown that the SteriPlas is 

• effective – The treatment significantly reduces the bacterial load in chronic wounds [Isbary et al. BJD 2010, 2012] 

• safe – No side effects or allergic reactions were reported during the clinical study [Isbary et al. BJD 2010, 2012]. 

• curative – The treatment improves healing in acute skin graft wounds [Heinlin et al. Wound Rep. Reg. 2013]. 

• painless – There were no reports of the contact-less treatment inducing any pain in treatment [Isbary et al. BJD 2010, 2012].

The plasma device SteriPlas was introduced into the market in August 2015 by our business partner and licensee – the company Adtec Ltd. 

Further information on the SteriPlas can be found on:

SteriPlas   the innovation in wound treatment/Plasma device "SteriPlas"