terraplasma is a leading provider for specialised tailored solutions using our range of innovative, customized cold atmospheric plasma technology.

Our service includes the development of practically any industrial prototype that fits your requirements. Essential steps of this process start with a feasibility study and continues with design and construction of functional models up to the final industrial prototype, including quality management.


Conducting project studies

Our project studies for customized application concepts include the development of appropriate test setups, the plasma characterization of advanced functional model/prototypes and the related specific tests for functionality and safety (including biological / microbiological) in house as well as in cooperation with external service providers.


Design, construction and development of industrial prototypes

In close cooperation with a selected network of external service providers and yourself we will design an optimized concept for the development of a specific industrial prototype.


Quality management

After successful development of the customized industrial prototype, we are primarily responsible for quality assurance.


Entire process for solving your specific request

The total activities required to provide a quality solution to your specific request can be summarized as follows:

  • First comes the analysis of the problem in cooperation with your experts, the specification of the goals and a proposal for the most suitable technical approach. This is followed by a project study and calculations.
  • Following a successful demonstration that a plasma solution is in principle feasible, the development plan for all steps leading to an industrial prototype are drawn up – again in close coordination with the customer.
  • After development and tests the industrial prototype is ready to go to product engineering followed by market introduction.