About us

terraplasma GmbH offers a new concept based on contract research and development as well as quality management of cold plasma products in many business areas.

Our assets

• International team of specialists: Our employees have many years of experience in plasma technology. This includes fundamental scientific research, the development of various technologies, as well as research in the practical use of cold plasmas in medical application involving functionality, safety and clinical studies.

• International research network: terraplasma GmbH has unique and exclusive contacts with several research institutes, universities and hospitals in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and medicine.

• terraplasma GmbH is a spin-off of the internationally renowned Max Planck Society.

• terraplasma GmbH operates under an exclusive license agreement involving seven patent families held by the Max Planck Society.

• terraplasma GmbH offers unrivalled fundamental cold plasma technologies for wide use in many business areas, for example Surface Micro Discharge Technology.

• terraplasma GmbH operates a fully equipped technology laboratory and a Biosafety-Level-1 laboratory.

Success without borders

Our interdisciplinary and international team with team members from China, Germany, Great Britain and Japan, we offer cultural diversity and communication in four languages to the benefit of our customers worldwide.

The skills of our team in the areas of physics, engineering, biology and medicine highlight our multidisciplinary diversity next to our intercultural blend.

International networking

We are part of a large international network of scientists in universities and research institutes. The interaction with experts from many fields of scientific research – such as physics, chemistry, biology, microbiology and medicine – enables us to remain at the forefront of research.